4 Training Tips For Defensive Backs

4 Training Tips For Defensive Backs

Football Defensive Backs are often overlooked when it comes to the training they do. Defensive backs need to be able to stop receivers running deep routes, cover them in man-to-man coverage, and provide help on run plays. This is an essential position for any football team, but they also need to be in great shape if they want to succeed! Defensive backs should always focus their workouts on speed and agility work. These four training tips from Built 4 It Athletics will give you a good idea of what defensive backs should focus on when preparing for game day!


Work on Speed & Agility

Defensive backs should be some of the fastest players on the field. They need to be able to chase down receivers and stop them from advancing towards the end zone, so speed work is one of their key training goals! These workouts will typically include a lot of sprinting drills which can also help with agility! Defensive backs should be doing lateral movement drills during these workouts as well, so they can stop quick receivers who are trying to get open around them!


Defensive Backs Need Explosiveness off the Line of Scrimmage

Defensive backs need to be explosive when coming out of their backpedal and also need explosiveness in order to tackle runners who are breaking away from them! Defensive players should always focus on securing a strong base, then exploding into an opponent as they come up to their level. Defensive backs also need to practice backpedaling until the receiver is within range, then exploding towards them and making a tackle! They should be using resistance bands for tackling drills at this point in training — it can help make sure that they are hitting with explosive power every time!


Learn How to Read Your Opponents & Make Defensive Adjustments

Defensive backs need to be able to read their opponents in order to succeed on the field. They also have a lot of work cut out for them, because they are often expected to help stop both run plays and pass plays. Defensive Back coaches should always focus on teaching players how to key in on offensive formation tendencies during practice. Defensive Backs should also learn how to help each other out during practice, so they can stop the offense from gaining big yards! Some of their training workouts should include plenty of tackling drills that will teach players how to take down opponents in tight spaces.


Take the Appropriate Rest To Recover

Defensive Backs also need to make sure they are getting plenty of rest between practices. Defensive players do a lot of running during their football workouts, which means that they can get tired easily. These players should be taking at least one day off each week when it comes to training. Defensive backs should also focus on getting plenty of sleep. Coaches can help their players out with this by giving them a schedule that they need to stick to during practice and games — including team meetings, film study sessions, physical training exercises (if possible), meals (including snacks!), and scheduled time for rest. Defensive Backs should also focus on getting plenty of healthy snacks between meals - this will keep them feeling full and refreshed during practice!

Get The Right Training to Improve Your Football Skills

Defensive backs are key players on the field and it’s necessary that they are in great shape to perform well. Like every position in football, if you want to be successful at what you are doing, your training will determine your growth and advancement throughout the sport. That’s why at Built 4 It Athletics, we believe in outstanding training for athletes of all ages and abilities. Contact our team today to learn more about our training programs for football players and other sports!